Monday, April 23, 2007

Think happy thoughts...

about taking away the 2 year old's drum set next door. Drinking a dram of a $150 bottle of scotch might help with those particular happy thoughts.

Its really nice working for a small company. We celebrated two birthdays with cake and ice cream. No cake for me, just a small scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Sometime after the birthday celebration, I was testing away, when the owner of the company drops by with a gift certificate for me, to thank me for my work last night. Within the next hour, the director and my boss also stopped by to make sure I got my little gift of thanks. Talk about appreciation.

Gift certificates always put people in good moods. Sunny weather (and no gnats in my mouth) puts me in a good mood. On the way home from the Bellevue Transit Center, the girl in front of me was frantically searching her purse for her bus pass. The driver let her on, and she continued to search. 10 minutes later, while she was still digging around in her purse, I dug out one of the free bus passes I got for signing up for

Lots of happy thoughts.

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