Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy busy weekend.

No rest for the wicked.

Friday night we had a Scotch tasting party at our house. Total of 12 people or so and 9 different Scotches to taste. Laguvalin 16, Edradour, Scapa 16, Laphroaig Quartercask, Glenfarclas 21, and Chieftain's to name a few. Its all fun and games until someone or two gets sick. Yuck. We will be hiring a carpet cleaner to get the smell out.

Saturday I dropped Gravity off at doggie daycare. I forget what we did in the morning, but we did something. Then ate a quick lunch at the double D bar in Bothell-Kenmore area. It used to be JRs. The food isn't really ready yet, but they made us an ok grilled cheese sandwich. Home to the noise of construction in the kitchen, and then I made a run to half price books to sell, sell, sell.

The evening finished off with the Seattle Granite Curling Club's annual banquet. New board members were voted on. New measures were passed. Awards were distributed. My Sunday Mixed team came out of 3rd place in the round robin to win the A division, and therefore the crystal! My women's team took the A division as well

Today I picked up my beagle and headed to Tully's in Canyon Park to harass Derrick on his first day at work. From there I headed home for about an hour, put some laundry in the wash before heading with the hubby to Bellevue Square to meet Joel.

The plan was to have dinner at Delancey's. We started off at The Barking Dog. While Joel and Jeremy had a beer, I took Gravity for a nice walk. I came back and tried a Hot Buttered Rum. Yuck. It was terrible. However, I've read about it and always wanted to taste one. Checked off list. Note: Don't have again.

We then drove to the Maritime Brewery. More beer for the boys. I had a cup of coffee. We did however try the beer battered bacon. Another item checked off of my list. It was okay. I'm pretty sure I felt my arteries harden after I ate a piece.

Next, we went to the famous Delancey's. The pizza was pretty good. We had the pepperoni and the special, a white pizza. We had their fennel sausage added, and it was incredible. Jer then asked the waitress to bring the next most popular pizza.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cyndy de Mayo

Having a pretty good Cyndy de Mayo.

My hubby took me to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. I had a short walk with my beagle Gravity. A handful of people called me to wish me a Happy Birthday, including my mom and dad, my best friend Maya, and an old schoolmate of mine from UW. A plethora of people wished me a happy birthday on Facebook.

All in all, a good day.

Boo. Shortly after this post, Gravity had a seizure. Sigh.