Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Mornings are rough in ..."

A coworker, J. Chambers, taunting us about his vacation in Hawaii.

Monday, October 10, 2011


My friend Maya introduced me to terrarium building a couple of years ago. I wasn't really interested in doing it myself then. My husband has recently been interested in creating one of this own.

I have finally become interested not only in terrariums, but aeriums as well. Its tough to search on, but an aerium uses air plants. 

You can find a four footed aerium here:  http://shop.floragrubb.com/footed-aerium/#

Other shops have included the following

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Too busy.

I am way too busy. I am finishing up my women's league draw as I type. I am managing Seattle Granite Curling Club's Wednesday night league this year. It's been insane.

I took a Learn to Pebble class today to refresh my memory from last year, where I didn't use my newfound knowledge. A quick trip home to walk the dog, pick up the vacuum cleaner from the repair shop, and back to the club to help with an open house.

Tomorrow a curling conditioning class and prep for next weekend's Western Women's Competitive Curling Clinic. If there are people who are interested, there is still room. Oct 15-16, 2011!!

Bubble Tank by Psalt Designs

I love this distorted fish aquarium. Not sure where and when you can buy them.

I found out about this from my RSS feed. http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/the-distorted-aquarium-by-psalt-design

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Holy Cow! 16 wineries between 10 am and 5 pm!!

Uffda. Feeling it right now. Jer and I visited 16 wineries in in the Penticton region. One of the areas begins with an N, but I'm hungry, so all I can think of is Navratan Korma.

Jeremy is taking a snooze. I'm headed there soon after. Hopefully we will snag dinner and then a hockey game.

Penticton, BC

Currently in Penticton, BC celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

Yes, I'm blogging. Trying to save my hubby from my morning stinky breath. Too lazy to brush my teeth.

We've lucked out, all sorts of fun stuff going on this weekend. Including the 31st Annual Okanagan Wine Festival!!


Polar bears, Penguins, and Melting ICe


Bethling left a comment on my last post. I found this one and thought of her.