Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breakfast on Sunday

Last Sunday, Jeremy treated me to Ray's Boathouse for lunch.

Jeremy had halibut and I had prime rib.

We saw sea lions, ducks, and sea gulls.

Photo courtesy of my husband's iPhone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April Spiel 2009 and the aftermath.

I had a great time at April Spiel 2009. My team comprised on Skip: Wendell Hall, Vice Skipe : Joel Russ, 2nd Joe Roberts, and myself as lead.

We had some release issues at work, so I was forced to call my 5th, Ian McLean to sub for me in my first game on Thursday. We lost our first game to the Clarks. This dropped us to the B bracket with our next game at midnight on Friday.

We won our Friday night game, and therefore won the right to not play at 6 am. We ended up playing at 8 am. We won our 8 am game, and then lost the 6 pm game after dinner to some Canadians. We should have beaten them, but everyone on my team had problems making their shots.

Time to party. Yum yum, drinking one of the April Spiel's drinks The Maestro. Grapefruit juice, tonic water, and vodka. I managed to stay up til midnight. Then I curled up on the blue couch for a couple of hours of sleep. I woke up to Phillip on me saying "Steam Roller! Steam Roller! There's no sleeping at the April Spiel...There's no sleeping at the April Spiel."

I contemplated sleeping through it. Then thought better of it, thinking the next step in trying to get me up would be worse. Apparently a couple people thought about waking me up and left me alone. A couple of people did try to wake me up and failed...

I hung out on the couch, avoided being taken out by a man in a leisure suit. I was kept amused for the next hour by the people on the couch and some platforms with dice in the heels. After they left, I stayed around and watched a little more curling. I then left Jeremy to party some more, and get some sleep in my own bed.

Jeremy snuck into bed around 6 am. We woke up Sunday around noon. I had a slight sore throat - the precursor to my current cold. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was in the 70s. We drove to Chiang's for some tasty noodles than went back to the club to watch the finals. It was too nice to stay inside. So I tailgated in the parking lot with a few of the others for an hour or so before watching the final game at 3:30 pm.

Since then, I've been at home sick. Monday I had a sore throat and could croak out a few words. When I went to sleep, as I was breathing I would whimper. It was so bad, Jeremy went to sleep on the couch. Tuesday, every time I coughed I cried. I went to the doctor for some antibiotics. I tested negative for strep, but had a severe sore throat and a low grade fever.

I've missed out on 2 practices with my team before the PIC. Tonight, I'm missing out on volunteer appreciation night and the last day the ice is in at the club. Gah. I better be healthy by Monday.