Sunday, March 30, 2008

Owl ATCs

Finished up a couple of Owl ATCs for Artfest as well, here is a photo.

Coming home with 2 sets of crystal!!!

Team Galey : Sam Galey, Steve Galey, Jeremy Dinsel, and Cyndy Eng-Dinsel took 1st place in the Friday night league. First draw we had Beth C sub for Jeremy, and Matt T sub for Steve G. It was a close game going into the 8th end, but Team Galey beat out Team Vukich. We shook after two ends in the second draw.

In our Sunday novice, our team took first place in the novice hotshots competition. We scored 108 points, with the runner up scoring 90 points.

I've included a photo of our Friday night team.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Curling for crystal!

In just a couple of hours, I will be curling against the team that is sitting in second place. Our skip will be out. He's a high school senior who has a baseball game tonight. Apparently he is their ace pitcher. My husband is out, his ankle is still sore.
I'm excited. I hope to win. 1st and 2nd place will receive crystal.

Artfest is just around the corner. I'm busy trying to get the last of my things together and some stuff for the art asylum. I have a nice big box full of things for people to use.

Well, off to finish getting ready for the game.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

82 Owls created!

82 owls, 1 tree, 1 gremlin, and 2 mutant bears are complete. Artfest is 2 weeks away. The anticipation is there. The Artfest group is full of newbie posts. Everyone is excited. Tick tick tick.

Thankfully, I have curling to distract me. I still ache all over from this weekend. I bailed on last nights game, and subbing for today. I will have a game tomorrow and Friday. Thursday I will go to the club, because they are having a meeting to see which ladies are interested in curling competitively. Saturday I am helping at an open house from 10 am to 2:30 pm, and that evening I will be going to Jeff and MJ's Stag and Doe party.

So the anticipation is dulled by the sadness of the curling season coming to the end. There is still a little stress lying about, trying to get a few more trades done. I think I will switch to making owl ATCs. Of course, there is also time to make some during the evening hours at Art Asylum as well. I hope my cough goes away before Artfest....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

All American USWCA Bonspiel is over!!!

The All American USWCA Bonspiel is over. The team that I played on, Team Vukich took 1st place. Sharon Vukich was skip, Erin from the Evergreen curling club in Oregon played 3rd, I played 2nd, and Pam Bisenthal from Vacaville in CA played lead. It was especially challenging for Pam and Erin, as they are used to playing on arena ice.

Our first two games were won 10 -5 and 10 - 2, in which we shook early. Our last game was close. We were ahead by one in the 10th end, and the opposing team drew in for one and tied it. We had hammer, and they were sitting one with our last rock. Sharon made an incredible shot, and we nudge them out for the win and first place. I am now a proud owner of one of the coveted USWCA pins. Huzzah!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Army of Owls

Almost over the flu. What a nasty bug. I'm beginning to think I caught it during the 5 and Under Spiel when I saw and chatted with Wayne and his son Sasha. 6 days of sleeping, 4 days of somewhat normalcy, and I STILL have a lingering cough.

Today was my first day back curling. With 3 player, Eric, Jeremy, and myself, we beat Katie's team 12 to 5. It was an entertaining game, with Alberto decked out in a squirrel costume originally made for a 12 year old girl. He was testing it out for the April Spiel that is coming up.

Its crazy busy, with more craziness coming up. All of my weekends are booked in April. 2 weddings, wedding-like events, and Artfest. I am in full panic mode, trying to get trades ready. Unfortunately making stuffed animals takes quite a bit of time, even those as simple as my owls. I've got around 55 made, and had been hoping to have around 100. Not sure I'm going to get to my 100 mark before April 1st.