Monday, July 30, 2007

Turn back the clock.

I had the best time at the Seattle Mariners game yesterday afternoon. I got a pair of tickets from work (section 123, row 22, seats 9 and 10). I took my mom, who's never been to Safeco Field. She's a bandwagon groupie. She used to make fun of me wasting my time going to baseball games, until Ichiro was brought into the organization...

Anyways, it was Turn Back the Clock game, where people dressed up in 70s gear. They had Erik Estrada from the popular 70s show CHiPs throw out the ceremonial pitch. Then they mentioned you could meet him in section 335. I ditched my mom and ran up the stairs. I was still a good 40 or so people back by the time I got up there.

A great time was had by all. He was only there until the 3rd inning, and there were some really cranky people behind me, calling out all the ones that tried to cut in line. I had somebody take my photo with my iPhone which you can see here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Attack of the killer Diet Coke

6 am is too early to be attacked by a can of Diet Coke. I was refilling the refrigerator at work, and cut off the plastic off a Costco order of Diet Coke. Turns out, while I was cutting off the plastic, I punctured a can.

My shirt and pants are still damp, and very sticky. My coworker asked me if I stopped drinking coffee. I let her know, that one incident a morning is all I can handle.

I just started this 6 am to 3 pm shift a couple of weeks ago, and the first 2 days I made coffee, I didn't wedge the lid in right, and ended up with coffee all over the place.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Ladybugs, ladybugs..please eat those aphids.

I bought 2 bags of ladybugs to eat the aphids in my yard. Each bag of ladybugs is 1500, or approx 1/3 of a cup. I released one bag last night.

When I checked up on them later last night, some of them seemed more interested in getting laid than in eating aphids, although I caught one chomping.

This morning, they were chilling out as well, but when I checked up on them this evening, only a few were visible. Will try the second bag later tonight.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Feeling a little batty.

Its 9:55 pm.

I'm sitting in my bedroom. My heart is still racing. I've gotten a little closer to nature than I'd normally like to be this evening.

Jeremy and I just finished watching the last episode of Twin Peaks season 2 in bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a black shadow pass across the window. And then another one. And another one.

"What's that?" I asked.

"What's what?" said Jer and turned on the lamp.

We were then dive bombed by a lone bat. Much mayhem ensued. There was cowering under the blankets and much shrieking. The bat flew out of our room, and into the rest of the house, and then back into our room, and out of our room, and back into our room.

Jer ran into the bathroom, and shut the sliding door.....

I threw a blanket over my head trying to find the camera to catch a movie of being attacked by the bat. I never did find the camera while the bat was fluttering about. We ran to the living room, and then Jer opened the sliding door, and tried to herd th e bat out the back. He managed to knock it down with his red fleece shirt, and then threw his shirt out on the deck.

He fluttered the shirt a couple of times. No more bat. We didn't see it fly off though.

Gravity missed it all. She looked around, but never caught the bat movement. I am just sitting here giggling in hysterics, because now that it is over, its pretty funny. Jeremy theorizes it got in through the attic, with the remodeling of the kitchen going on right now.

Anyways...bedroom door is now closed. Computer is being turned off. Hopefully there will be no Batman dreams. Holy bat-mania!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Exhausted on the Fourth.

I can't wait to go to sleep tonight. We ripped out most of the kitchen and living room in 2 days. Alison, Mark, and Lisa came over to help us demolish everything today. Here are a few of the photos.