Friday, July 06, 2007

Feeling a little batty.

Its 9:55 pm.

I'm sitting in my bedroom. My heart is still racing. I've gotten a little closer to nature than I'd normally like to be this evening.

Jeremy and I just finished watching the last episode of Twin Peaks season 2 in bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a black shadow pass across the window. And then another one. And another one.

"What's that?" I asked.

"What's what?" said Jer and turned on the lamp.

We were then dive bombed by a lone bat. Much mayhem ensued. There was cowering under the blankets and much shrieking. The bat flew out of our room, and into the rest of the house, and then back into our room, and out of our room, and back into our room.

Jer ran into the bathroom, and shut the sliding door.....

I threw a blanket over my head trying to find the camera to catch a movie of being attacked by the bat. I never did find the camera while the bat was fluttering about. We ran to the living room, and then Jer opened the sliding door, and tried to herd th e bat out the back. He managed to knock it down with his red fleece shirt, and then threw his shirt out on the deck.

He fluttered the shirt a couple of times. No more bat. We didn't see it fly off though.

Gravity missed it all. She looked around, but never caught the bat movement. I am just sitting here giggling in hysterics, because now that it is over, its pretty funny. Jeremy theorizes it got in through the attic, with the remodeling of the kitchen going on right now.

Anyways...bedroom door is now closed. Computer is being turned off. Hopefully there will be no Batman dreams. Holy bat-mania!!!!

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Ellen Lyn said...

OMG, it was totally freaky, wasn't it??! We had a MATERNAL COLONY in our house--BREEDERS--for like two years, the little flying bat-tards (he he)would somehow find their way from the box gutters, which they had entered from outside the house, to the interior, and usually to whatever room I was in! It was HORRIBLE! Those little pooping, peeing-in-flight nasties are my worst nightmare!! And I totally believe the old wives tale that they intentionally fly into long hair, where the become entangled! YIKES! But I have a plan should that ever happen--stop...drop.....and bang my head violently on the ground until the bat is dead, or I am unconcious! I so hope you only have the one!!!!!!