Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Curling so much, I don't have time to sit in my new furniture.

We lost our last two games of the bonspiel this past weekend. Game two, was impressive, due to the fact we played against Brady Clark's team - a team with several national titles and bronze medals in the US Olympic Trials. My goal in that game, was to score one point. Not only did we score a point in the second end, but we stole four points in the third end, and had the lead for a nanosecond, before we got blown away. We lost our third game to Tammy Lehto's team. Not a terrible loss either, seeing how they won the C bracket.

Due to our partying past one am on Saturday night, we didn't wake up until noon on Sunday. Just enough time for a shower, and a run to Red Mill for a hamburger before our novice league. One of our team members was in Mexico for vacation, and another dropped out due to lack of time.

I was planning on enjoying a Monday evening to myself, as Jeremy has agreed to sub both early and late draws. I got a phone call less than half an hour before Jer was leaving asking me to sub for the early draw on Melissa's team. I agreed. I could have said no, and probably should have said no. We're leaving in two weeks for the Royal City Bonspiel in Canada, and I want whatever practice I can get, curling with Melissa.

With two novices, we managed to pull off an unexpected win. She had a brand new curler, with 5 or less times out, and a curler who had curled for 3 years, but was used to curling lead. We were behind by 4 points the first two ends. We had expected a blowout, and were pleased by the turn on events.

Before I had helped finish cleaning the ice, I got invited by John to sub for his late night draw. Since I was going to be there til Jeremy finished curling, I went and subbed with John's team. Turns out, we were playing against the team Jer was subbing on. It was a close game, we were tied going into the 8th end. My team pulled a win by two points. The house ended up being very crowded, and it was unclear who the winner would be. I looked up during the last 4 rocks, and it seemed as if everyone on the second floor had crowded the windows, to see who would win. Unnerving. Thankfully, I threw lead, and didn't have to deal with it.

A good night.

Friday, January 25, 2008

My first bonspiel!!

My first game of my first bonspiel is completed! Our team, comprised of Jeff Wick (10 years experience), and three novices, myself, Jeremy, and MJ (Jeff's fiancee). We beat team Passo, and there's good news, good news, and a teensy bit of bad news.

Good news: we won. We might have won by more than a couple of points, but we stacked our brooms, and went to drink at the end of 4 ends, we were ahead 7 to 3. After 30 minutes of drinking, a double Balevenie neat for me on an empty stomach, and a pitcher of beer for the rest, our lead shrunk.

Good news : Jeff hit a the last double of the first end draws in our 5th end, and we won a free pitcher of beer. The decision was to draw to the button, but Jeremy came to remind us of our chance for the free pitcher of beer. When it doubt, go back to the basics.

Bad news : we won, play in the A bracket tomorrow against Brady Clark's team.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chocolate for Choice

This evening, I went to our girls night out, planned by our friend Lisa.

Maya and I carpooled from the Eastside, stopped off at King's BBQ for some BBQ boxes to go, and then browsed the bookstore at Kinokuiya. We then headed off to meet Jonna and Lisa to share a pint of stout which was on Nitro.

We then headed to support Naral's Chocolate for Choice. It was amazing. There was tons of chocolate. I'm really glad that we got there early, so we could scope out all the different chocolates before the crowds got there. I had thought I was greedy, starting out with 5 pieces on a plate, but the lady that sat down next to me had TWO full plates, with more than one layer of chocolate covering the plate.

I have to admit, by the 10th piece of chocolate, I was starting to feel a little sick. Most of the chocolate was very rich, and my Chinese heritage started to emerge. I like little bit of sweet, but not the super rich stuff. Several glasses of 1% milk helped wash everything down. A lady was about serving vegetables, and I snagged a piece of cauliflower. Lisa made fun of the fact that I was eating a vegetable among all the chocolate.

I mingled, took some photos with my iPhone. I met Patrick Hogan, special assistant to Jay Inslee, member of Congress, 1st District, Washington. I also got a chance to see what Dr. Pepper Schwarz looked like. I saw her stand up, and she's pretty short. I made an odd comment "Why are they all short?" - referring to having met Dr. Ruth when I was in college, another sex-pert/relationship expert that was vertically challenged. I asked a few questions of the people that worked at Theo Chocolates - their lavendar/jalapeno/hawaiian rock salt caramel was tasty, and also talked to a couple of people from La Spiga. Here's a shout out to the la Spiga guy that said he likes to check out blogs!!!

We attempted to bid for the Salty-Sweet Cake, but it went over our $100 pooled price, and garnered $120 or so. Hurrah for Naral. All in all, we had a grand time. Next year, we'll be smarter. One of us will get a $70 take home box, to share later on.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Low key weekend...

Its nice to have a low key weekend, after having been so busy.

We went to the Apple store yesterday, and Jeremy bought me Guitar Hero III!! Yeah! We've been having some good fun playing the game.

We also had dinner at our friends Jonna and Eric's. An excellent dinner, surrounded by friends, and the chance to play Rock Band.

All in all, a nice relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Here is an image of the small couch that is going away.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Owl Post

Here are a couple of ideas I am working on for Artfest 2008 trades.

Tired and frustrated.

I'm pretty tired and sore. Yes, sore again from this weekend.

Friday night, we drew random names, and played with people we do not normally curl with. I played with Jake V, Matt T, and Denise K. We squeaked by with a win by like a point.

Saturday, my hubby was supposed to go and watch the Seahawks game in Bellingham with his cousins. He came down with a cold, and stayed at home, while I continued with my scheduled art making date.

Maya worked on her charms for her Valentine's charm swap, and I worked on my stuffed animals for my Artfest 2008 trades. I got 9 owls cut out, and 2 of them filled with stuffing, but I did not finish the 2 until this evening. Part of my frustration stems from my iPhone not taking photos again.

Sunday was fun, frustrating, and exhausting. Jeremy skipped for our novice league, and we won 10 - 3. Actually it was probably more like 12 - 3, but there were some close points that I didn't bother to count as vice skip. I heard one of the members of the other team mutter after the first end "We're going to get slaughtered."

During my hour break, and a handful of chips, I was invited by David (who handles most of the rentals), to play on the late draw for the mixed league. Linda twisted her ankle sometime earlier, and his other sub had not called him back. I agreed to play, knowing that I would be tired at the end of the day. Crazy gung ho me.

I played lead for the early draw for the mixed league. I was too nervous, and blew almost all of my shots. It didn't help that the game was also played on sheet 5. I was hoping not to be too much of an embarrassment, and I'm pretty sure I was. So much for all the extra practice I've been going to. I wish I had time to hang out with them after the game, but immediately after we finished, I had to go to sheet 4 for my last game. We didn't lose too badly - only by one point, and I guess when you're playing Team Knieval, that's not a bad loss.

I played lead for David's team as well. Apparently by that time I was too tired to be stressed out. I was on broom (target) for almost all of my shots. My weight was a little off, but all in all, I was happy with most of my shots for that game. I now know what it feels like to play three games in one day.

I am fairly sore right now. I fervently hope I won't hurt more tomorrow, but that is how it generally goes for me when I overdue it. I accepted an email invitation to play in the late draw on the Kozai team Wednesday night. I find it amusing. I am subbing for Erica. The team will be Betty, Cindy, Cindy, and Cyndy. I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

I will probably not go to Tuesday league for once. My whole body groans at the thought of trying to kneel down in the hack to deliver a rock right now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Arrgh, busy weekends ahead.

Incredibly tired today. I did not sleep very well last night, waking up about 4 times, and staying awake for about a half an hour to an hour each time. I left work after a little over 3 hours, came home and took a nice long nap with Gravity, my beagle.

Before our nap, my little hunting dog went outside to chase a squirrel, and almost caught it!! I saw her make a beeline towards the squirrel, saw the squirrel leap up the corner area of the fence, to fall back down. It looked like Gravity managed to knock him down somehow. There was some quick zig zagging around, and then up and over the fence he went.

I was mildly productive after my nap. Took care of two loads of laundry, and put some crafts magazines up for sale on Craigslist. Also put my library books together, and books and magazines that I'll take to a second hand bookstore. Checked Ebay, and saw that 2 or my 3 posted items have bids on them.

On the agenda for tonight, is curling. We are taking a break from our normal Friday night team, and we will be pulling names out of a hat, and playing with other people. It should be fun. I just hope that both Jeremy and I end up with the early draw!

Tomorrow, I will be hanging out with my friend Maya, in hopes of getting some trades ready for Artfest 2008. I have put a baggie of fabric to make a couple of stuffed animals, and maybe a pendant or three. I have a couple of ideas, but the end product has to be not too time consuming to make, as I intend to make at least 50 of them. Last year, I made 50 monster stuffed animals, and they disappeared super quick!!!

As for the upcoming weekends, they are all full. Most of them filled with curling, or the occasional outing for a friend. I don't see a true break until after curling season is gone.

I've included a fun photo I found of a painted wall in Portland that I took back in October. I'd like to take up my toy photography again, and see what I can do with mixed media projects.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A weekend of curling...

We had a super busy weekend of curling that Jer and I just finished.

Friday night, we squeaked by with a tie, playing against Jake's team.

Saturday, Jeremy and I volunteered to help at a curling rental. That was from 2 to 6 pm. It was cold, but fun. I am a little sad we missed out on watching the Seahawks-Redskins game. But we did have some tasty indian food afterwards.

Today, we curled with in our novice league, and managed to mix up the positions a bit. Jeremy skipped, I played second, and Eric, our normal skip, played lead. Our normal second, Molly, had gotten stuck in some traffic.

We had a spectacular game, and won 12 to 1. I had a pretty good game. I made most of my shots, and felt good coming out of the hack.

After our game, I was lingering downstairs, talking to Erica, one of the girls from the team we played against. Sally C came into the club, and asked me to sub for her next Sunday in the mixed league. I will be playing with Claire, Ian, and Derek. I'm super excited, but very nervous, due to their skill level. They are all super nice people, I just don't want to let them down.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tired, sore, and severely out of shape.

I subbed for the women's league last night. Dani called me at work, to let me know that the opposing team needed a substitute.

About a half an hour before I left, I got a phone call from Betty Kozai. She requested a sub for the late draw, which after checking in with the hubby, I agreed to.

At 6:30, I played with the Richards/Frohe. Each one of those ladies has a national title under her belt. I felt a little awestruck, as well as concerned what kind of game I would produce as a first year.

As it was, the ice had not been pebbled, and rocks that I normally would have hogged, went through the house. We still beat April's team by several points, and the game was called before the 6th end. I did get a few tips, the most important one, was a reminder. To keep my throwing arm straight.

At the 8:30 draw, Betty's team had a second substitute, Beth. We started out behind, but came up with 4 points to take the lead in the 5th end. We continued to play well, and won that game too! The ice was pebbled by one of the guys, and back to the consistency I was familiar with. Most of my shots in this game were consistent.

Jer and I received an email from Melissa, inviting us to play in the mixed spiel up in Westminster BC in February. I am very excited to play in that tournament. Must continue to practice!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Gravity with Jessie's treat ball.

Happy New Years!

Just got back from a New Year's party at Mark and Lisa's.

We got a chance to see Tim and Maya, Amy and Andrew, Jonna and Eric, and Anna and John. There were also a few other people that we weren't previously familiar with.

Apparently, Mark and Lisa got Guitar Hero III for their holiday gifts, so I got a chance to rock out. I was unable to get past the bonus song in the easy level, but I think I made a decent attempt, with the highest finish being 81% of the song.

There was all sorts of food. Various cheeses, guacamole, black bean quesadillas, pineapple salsa, hummus, an Alton Brown onion dip, satsumas and cookies. There was Georgetown's Porter on Nitro.

A good time was had by all. Happy 2008!