Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tired, sore, and severely out of shape.

I subbed for the women's league last night. Dani called me at work, to let me know that the opposing team needed a substitute.

About a half an hour before I left, I got a phone call from Betty Kozai. She requested a sub for the late draw, which after checking in with the hubby, I agreed to.

At 6:30, I played with the Richards/Frohe. Each one of those ladies has a national title under her belt. I felt a little awestruck, as well as concerned what kind of game I would produce as a first year.

As it was, the ice had not been pebbled, and rocks that I normally would have hogged, went through the house. We still beat April's team by several points, and the game was called before the 6th end. I did get a few tips, the most important one, was a reminder. To keep my throwing arm straight.

At the 8:30 draw, Betty's team had a second substitute, Beth. We started out behind, but came up with 4 points to take the lead in the 5th end. We continued to play well, and won that game too! The ice was pebbled by one of the guys, and back to the consistency I was familiar with. Most of my shots in this game were consistent.

Jer and I received an email from Melissa, inviting us to play in the mixed spiel up in Westminster BC in February. I am very excited to play in that tournament. Must continue to practice!!!


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