Friday, January 25, 2008

My first bonspiel!!

My first game of my first bonspiel is completed! Our team, comprised of Jeff Wick (10 years experience), and three novices, myself, Jeremy, and MJ (Jeff's fiancee). We beat team Passo, and there's good news, good news, and a teensy bit of bad news.

Good news: we won. We might have won by more than a couple of points, but we stacked our brooms, and went to drink at the end of 4 ends, we were ahead 7 to 3. After 30 minutes of drinking, a double Balevenie neat for me on an empty stomach, and a pitcher of beer for the rest, our lead shrunk.

Good news : Jeff hit a the last double of the first end draws in our 5th end, and we won a free pitcher of beer. The decision was to draw to the button, but Jeremy came to remind us of our chance for the free pitcher of beer. When it doubt, go back to the basics.

Bad news : we won, play in the A bracket tomorrow against Brady Clark's team.

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