Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chocolate for Choice

This evening, I went to our girls night out, planned by our friend Lisa.

Maya and I carpooled from the Eastside, stopped off at King's BBQ for some BBQ boxes to go, and then browsed the bookstore at Kinokuiya. We then headed off to meet Jonna and Lisa to share a pint of stout which was on Nitro.

We then headed to support Naral's Chocolate for Choice. It was amazing. There was tons of chocolate. I'm really glad that we got there early, so we could scope out all the different chocolates before the crowds got there. I had thought I was greedy, starting out with 5 pieces on a plate, but the lady that sat down next to me had TWO full plates, with more than one layer of chocolate covering the plate.

I have to admit, by the 10th piece of chocolate, I was starting to feel a little sick. Most of the chocolate was very rich, and my Chinese heritage started to emerge. I like little bit of sweet, but not the super rich stuff. Several glasses of 1% milk helped wash everything down. A lady was about serving vegetables, and I snagged a piece of cauliflower. Lisa made fun of the fact that I was eating a vegetable among all the chocolate.

I mingled, took some photos with my iPhone. I met Patrick Hogan, special assistant to Jay Inslee, member of Congress, 1st District, Washington. I also got a chance to see what Dr. Pepper Schwarz looked like. I saw her stand up, and she's pretty short. I made an odd comment "Why are they all short?" - referring to having met Dr. Ruth when I was in college, another sex-pert/relationship expert that was vertically challenged. I asked a few questions of the people that worked at Theo Chocolates - their lavendar/jalapeno/hawaiian rock salt caramel was tasty, and also talked to a couple of people from La Spiga. Here's a shout out to the la Spiga guy that said he likes to check out blogs!!!

We attempted to bid for the Salty-Sweet Cake, but it went over our $100 pooled price, and garnered $120 or so. Hurrah for Naral. All in all, we had a grand time. Next year, we'll be smarter. One of us will get a $70 take home box, to share later on.

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