Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Curling so much, I don't have time to sit in my new furniture.

We lost our last two games of the bonspiel this past weekend. Game two, was impressive, due to the fact we played against Brady Clark's team - a team with several national titles and bronze medals in the US Olympic Trials. My goal in that game, was to score one point. Not only did we score a point in the second end, but we stole four points in the third end, and had the lead for a nanosecond, before we got blown away. We lost our third game to Tammy Lehto's team. Not a terrible loss either, seeing how they won the C bracket.

Due to our partying past one am on Saturday night, we didn't wake up until noon on Sunday. Just enough time for a shower, and a run to Red Mill for a hamburger before our novice league. One of our team members was in Mexico for vacation, and another dropped out due to lack of time.

I was planning on enjoying a Monday evening to myself, as Jeremy has agreed to sub both early and late draws. I got a phone call less than half an hour before Jer was leaving asking me to sub for the early draw on Melissa's team. I agreed. I could have said no, and probably should have said no. We're leaving in two weeks for the Royal City Bonspiel in Canada, and I want whatever practice I can get, curling with Melissa.

With two novices, we managed to pull off an unexpected win. She had a brand new curler, with 5 or less times out, and a curler who had curled for 3 years, but was used to curling lead. We were behind by 4 points the first two ends. We had expected a blowout, and were pleased by the turn on events.

Before I had helped finish cleaning the ice, I got invited by John to sub for his late night draw. Since I was going to be there til Jeremy finished curling, I went and subbed with John's team. Turns out, we were playing against the team Jer was subbing on. It was a close game, we were tied going into the 8th end. My team pulled a win by two points. The house ended up being very crowded, and it was unclear who the winner would be. I looked up during the last 4 rocks, and it seemed as if everyone on the second floor had crowded the windows, to see who would win. Unnerving. Thankfully, I threw lead, and didn't have to deal with it.

A good night.

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