Monday, January 14, 2008

Tired and frustrated.

I'm pretty tired and sore. Yes, sore again from this weekend.

Friday night, we drew random names, and played with people we do not normally curl with. I played with Jake V, Matt T, and Denise K. We squeaked by with a win by like a point.

Saturday, my hubby was supposed to go and watch the Seahawks game in Bellingham with his cousins. He came down with a cold, and stayed at home, while I continued with my scheduled art making date.

Maya worked on her charms for her Valentine's charm swap, and I worked on my stuffed animals for my Artfest 2008 trades. I got 9 owls cut out, and 2 of them filled with stuffing, but I did not finish the 2 until this evening. Part of my frustration stems from my iPhone not taking photos again.

Sunday was fun, frustrating, and exhausting. Jeremy skipped for our novice league, and we won 10 - 3. Actually it was probably more like 12 - 3, but there were some close points that I didn't bother to count as vice skip. I heard one of the members of the other team mutter after the first end "We're going to get slaughtered."

During my hour break, and a handful of chips, I was invited by David (who handles most of the rentals), to play on the late draw for the mixed league. Linda twisted her ankle sometime earlier, and his other sub had not called him back. I agreed to play, knowing that I would be tired at the end of the day. Crazy gung ho me.

I played lead for the early draw for the mixed league. I was too nervous, and blew almost all of my shots. It didn't help that the game was also played on sheet 5. I was hoping not to be too much of an embarrassment, and I'm pretty sure I was. So much for all the extra practice I've been going to. I wish I had time to hang out with them after the game, but immediately after we finished, I had to go to sheet 4 for my last game. We didn't lose too badly - only by one point, and I guess when you're playing Team Knieval, that's not a bad loss.

I played lead for David's team as well. Apparently by that time I was too tired to be stressed out. I was on broom (target) for almost all of my shots. My weight was a little off, but all in all, I was happy with most of my shots for that game. I now know what it feels like to play three games in one day.

I am fairly sore right now. I fervently hope I won't hurt more tomorrow, but that is how it generally goes for me when I overdue it. I accepted an email invitation to play in the late draw on the Kozai team Wednesday night. I find it amusing. I am subbing for Erica. The team will be Betty, Cindy, Cindy, and Cyndy. I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

I will probably not go to Tuesday league for once. My whole body groans at the thought of trying to kneel down in the hack to deliver a rock right now.

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