Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Saturday.

Yesterday Jeremy and I biked from Redhook to Marymoor Park and then back. It was my first 10+ mile bike ride. I then took Byron for a long walk and washed some laundry and tidied up two bathrooms - weekends can't be all fun and games, but they CAN be mostly fun.

In the evening we met Jeremy's cousin Jeff at Pike Place market to start a pub crawl. Well, Jeremy and I started the pub crawl and Jeff went to watch the Mariners beat the Yankees in 12 innings. Our friend Andrew joined us.

We hit the Alibi room, Cafe Zigzag, the Whiskey Bar.. We had a shitty experience at El Gaucho and Twist where we couldn't get any service. Twist was busy. El Gaucho had no excuse. They hardly had any patrons and two other tables walked out due to lack of service. We then stopped off at The List, Amber, and Black Bottle. Black Bottle and phenomenal food and service.

We finished the evening at Tini Biggs sans Jeremy and the arrival of Mac and Jeff.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biking in the rain.

I took my new bicycle for its first ride today.

I ate lunch, and hit the Burke Gilman trail. Unfortunately, I waited until it started to rain pretty heavy. But I wanted the bike ride, and refused to talk myself out of it. I biked to Husky Stadium and back - approximately 3.3 miles one way.

On the way back, I almost took out 3 pedestrians. Luckily I didn't hit the pedestrians, nor did I go sailing over my handle bars. It was a close call. The ground was wet and I am still getting used to the brakes.

Hopefully my legs will not be too sore tomorrow so I can go for another wet and chilly ride.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just crazy.

It's been a little busy lately.

Today is the first laid back day I have had in awhile. Laid back never truly feels laid back though.

I started my day by getting a load of laundry in the dryer and then walking my beagle girl, Byron, around the neighborhood. Afterwards, my hubby and I went to Red Mill for a tasty hamburger, and then drove by his new job to drop off a duffle bag of towels and clothes (he's been biking to work).

We stopped off at Bothell Bike & Ski and got me setup with my first bicycle since high school. Then, it was back home to 'relax'. I started another load of laundry, then headed out to the grocery store to get fixings for dinner. After my trip to the store, I spent some time weeding the tomato bed (it was a raised garden bed FULL of weeds when I started).

The hubby cooked dinner, and I took the puppers out for another walk.

After eating, I started dessert - tapioca from scratch, washed dishes, and downloaded "A Tiger in the Kitchen" By Cheryl Tan.

Relaxing or crazy? Make your own decision.  :D