Friday, May 29, 2009

United States Curling News May 2009

Just got home from work and checked the mailbox to find the May 2009 United States Curling News.

Lots of photos and mentions of teams from the Seattle Granite Curling Club. Well, We did send 3 teams to various Worlds events, a team to the U-18 event, and hell, the Coleman rink took the bronze medal at Club Nationals!!

My rink is mentioned on page 7. It shows how we led the Round Robin, and how we got beat in the semi finals by Norma O'Leary's team. What was cool, was reading through the article, she mentioned that her team played the best game this season against us. Nice to know that we forced them to bring their best.

If you look at the winning photo of Minnesota 1, you can see my teammates Gabrielle, Beth, and Sara in the background. It just goes to show you that someone is coveting the lead position and trying to take me out (Team joke of the season. Every time I turned around - or more often than not, just standing in one spot minding my own business - someone would "accidentally" take me out with a broom.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gravity's Catch of the Day

It is Memorial Day 2009. Its been a very busy weekend, even with the hubby out of town playing at the Hollywood Bonspiel.

Saturday I went to Richmond, BC with my friend Jason. We had Dim Sum at the Empire Restaurant, close to the Marriott Hotel that I stayed at during the PIC. It might just be the best Dim Sum I have ever had. After lunch, we walked around a local mall for a bit, and made fun of the various styles of clothing that people were wearing. I always like to watch the really short Chinese women who wear 4 inch heels, but can't walk in them so they stagger around. I'm short and Chinese. However, I feel no desire to fake being taller than I am using spiky shoes. One: I'm so clumsy, I'd probably kill myself. Two: You can ask really cute tall guys to get things for you on shelves that are too high.

After walking around the mall, we went to the BC Liquor Store. One of the reasons I went to BC, to get a treat or two for my hubby. I picked up a scotch whiskey liquer called Amber by Macallen (A little worried thanks to the Scott's comment on Facebook that it will be too sweet). I also picked up a Glen Fiddich 15. Other than Glen Morangie, I really haven't had any experiences with them. Jeremy had a bad experience with one, and since I can never remember which one, I stay away from them all. This weekend, I thought I'd give it a shot.

On the way home, Jason and I stopped by Casa in Bellingham to share a potato burrito and spicy pickled carrots. I know I'm gong to get a lot of flak for that from my husband. However, I have been wanting a potato burrito for the last two years, and every time we go to Bellingham we go to Davinci's for philly cheesesteak sandwiches or the pizza joint by Jeff's or grill at Brian and Heather's.

Sunday I spent some time in the yard weeding. I also pulled everything out of my craft room. The rest of the house looked like something had exploded. I tried to organize my books and my crafts, but it is more than a 2 day job. I was supposed to go to a baseball game, but the person that was going to go with me was jet lagged. I attempted to find another person to come with me but failed.

Today I left my house early to have Dim Sum with my mother and sister at Joy Palace on Martin Luther King Jr. It was tasty, but just not as good as the place in Richmond. It was fun talking to my mother for a bit.

I then came back to mow the lawn and weed some more. While I was mowing the yard I heard a commotion. I ignored it for a minute or two, and then turned off the lawn mower. Turns out Gravity had caught herself a baby blue bird, and she was being yelled at by the baby's parents. By the time I got to Gravity, the baby bird was no longer with the living.

Back inside to finish a couple of loads of laundry and to frantically put everything back inside the craft room. Everything put a table's worth of paper's is back inside the room. I managed to throw away two bags worth of stuff - but alas, like weeding, it does not look like I made a dent in it.

I have a Serbian Potato Casserole in the oven. Jeremy is on his way home. I hope that I will not get scolded too badly. :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A weekend of sun and the annual meeting.

This was a nice mellow weekend filled with sun, friends, and homemade ice cream sandwiches. Well, the ice cream wasn't home made, but close enough this time around.

Saturday Jeremy and I started off our day with the NAMI walk. We were with Bob Thibodeaux, his sister and an Italian exchange student. The weather was beautiful compared to last years chilly, misty walk.

After our walk, we went to the U Village so Jer could pick up a new monitor at the Apple store and get lunch at the Ram brew pub.

From there, we went to the club to get the tables set up for the annual meeting. An hour plus later, we went home and I took a 15 minute nap and then Gravity out for a walk.

We were back at the club just after 4:30 pm so Jeremy could help finishing prepping everything for the meeting. I was nice being able to see everyone. I talked with Lisa M, Bob T, Mark B, Susan S, Leslie F, my teammate Sara S and others. After the traditional meeting and dinner it was time for them to hand out crystal. To my surprise, our team received beer steins from the WSCA for being the Washington State Women's Champions. LOL. Jeremy and I also received crystal for being runner up in the Friday Night League (Bah, we only lost one game. That game was in the semi finals, and to the skip and vice that we played with our 1st season, which was last year).

A few of us hung around and closed down the club just after midnight. Just some good old end of the season fun.

Today we slept in a little. It was also another super nice day. I did a couple of loads of laundry, Jeremy mowed the lawn, and we both weeded for awhile. We prepped for dinner and I made Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies off a recipe I got from Lisa R. They didn't look as nice as hers did, but they were very tasty and made for awesome ice cream sandwiches.

Joel Russ came over to drop off his broom for Jeremy to take to the Hollywood spiel next weekend and had dinner with us. Steak, pasta salad, salad and dessert. To finish our evening we watched Men With Brooms.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Knees, please....

Just came back from having both my knees checked out.

The knees 'look' excellent per my x-rays. However, I need a follow up MRI on my right knee to see what kind of meniscus tear I might have.

The meniscus tear could be so little that I can continue curling with just wearing a knee brace to having a surgery to shave some of it off. Apparently lots of NBA players continue playing without any surgery with a meniscus tear....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't let your dog eat...

Chocolate, grapes and raisins, walnuts, onions, mushrooms and macadamia nuts.

These items were listed in little advice column in the Seattle Times today.

For more info, go to, and search for "prevent poisoning."

Monday, May 04, 2009

Another year older... :D

Here's to hoping my birthday wishes will come true.

1. Good year with the family.
2. No more doggie seizures.
3. Another awesome curling season.
4. This cough to go away and never come back. :D

And thanks to Facebook for helping me keep in contact with all of my buddies on my birthday.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Beachcombing for glass...

There's a neat article in today's Seattle Times about beachcoming for glass.

It mentions a favorite in the Port Townsend area. The Port Townsend Glass Beach. Again, since its well known to the public, they mention that it is an area that will probably be picked clean by midsummer.

A fun read for people that like to look for rocks and other fun things when at the beach.

Some people have even made a business out of it, making sea glass bracelets and rings.

For more information, there is a book "Pure Sea Glass", written by Richard LaMotte.

There is also the North American Sea Glass Association