Saturday, August 20, 2011

1+1 = ....dammit.

Additionally, went to po-dunk Kent to visit my grandmother and my Aunt Amy.

Also washed a load of dishes, took out the recycling and trash a couple of times, harassed my beagle, and 2 loads of laundry.

In case all you think I did was drink today.

However, at 86 degrees F, it would have been a beautiful day to have remained comatose all day long.

Need to tweak my bike still. Better, but still tweaking out my knee and other quad muscles. Going to enter September kicking some serious ass. Be afraid bitches!

Under the influence.

My hubby perfected the Sazerac tonight.

He tested Sazerac number 2 on me, before our steak dinner.

After the steak dinner, he tested out Speakeasy applications Manhatten on me, with the French cherries soaked in brandy that I got him on Amazon. Wayyyyyy too much vermouth. Feh.

I brought a nice fuzzy blanket to the deck so we could star gaze. And then, a pillow. When I got back with the pillow, I found him cocooned in the fuzzy brown blanket.....   Hmmm.

He has the fuzzy blanket. I have Manhattan and beagle. Enjoying developer favorite electronica.....

Silly hubby.  Trix are for wabbits...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Awesome house come and gone...

Sadness. Missed out on a gorgeous house off the Burke Gilman trail.

You can see more about it for now at