Monday, March 05, 2007

Family Dinner and more

I keep meaning to blog interesting items, but never get around to it. Here's to trying to blog on a more regular basis.

I started a new job last Monday at a small software company. So far I'm really enjoying it. I miss the people I contracted with at Microsoft, but this should be a good experience for me.

Last night I had dinner with some of my relatives that I hadn't seen for 12 years. It was pretty cool. Except for the fact that my hubby was crabby and decided not to come, and then my Aunt Cindy accidentally dumped the veggie dish he made on the floor. *sigh*

On the way home, I met up with my friend Jason. He had bought me a couple of these chocolates from Oh! Chocolate. I was telling him, how when I saw my cousin Lawrence, I had poked him in the arm and said "Wow! You're ripped!". Which is totally true. Lawrence has seriously buffed up since I last saw him (Chem class, Freshman year, 1991).

Jason goes, "What's your cousins last name? He has a buzz cut?" Turns out Lawrence has been in Jason's massage class for the last year and a half. Crazzzzzzy.

Not super interesting, but thats the newest news.