Friday, October 23, 2009

Langley Witches' Broom Bonspiel

Team Coffin won their first game 9-5. The opposing team shook after the 6th end, when we scored 4.

Beth got caught at work, and didn't get here until the 4th end. Luckily we picked up Allison as a spare. I vice-skipped the game. My 2nd or 3rd time vice-skipping. I definitely like lead adn 2nd better.

The ice keened up quickly with a back line to hog line time of 3.75 for tee line.

I shared a little scotch with Nigel, and Derek M, Melissa and I had shots. A Wet Beaver, comprised of Sour Puss Raspberry and Creme de Cacao.

Next game 11:15 am.

Good night.

Langley, here I am!

Taking a few minutes to rest before the first game at the Witches Broom Bonspiel here at Langley, BC.

Had a fun drive up with Em and Sara.

The room here at Best Western is a little funky. Too much carpet cleaner or something. My nose is a little stuffed up.

Yesterday I took the Honda in for an oil change. While we waited, I took Gravity for an hour and a half walk (we got to the dealership early).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A less busy Sunday. What's that all about?

I accomplished several tasks today. I was not quite as organized as I was last Sunday.

Friday night, we saw Alton Brown at Third Place Books. Instead of reading from his book, he performed a Q & A session with the audience. He looked amazing, having dropped 50 lbs since March (per his NPR interview). As usual, he was very witty and funny. He even managed to lose a $1 bet to a kid by betting that the kid's mother drove a Honda Odyssey....

Saturday I drove to the Soaring Heart futon store to pick up two new pillows for Jeremy. On the way back, I stopped by Paseo for some tasty Cuban pulled pork sandwiches. Nom nom nom. I picked up a couple pairs of socks for Jeremy at the Eddie Bauer outlet, but did not really see anything that caught my eye. Well, I was eyeing a replacement down jacket. I have to take my white one to the dry cleaner. The one I was looking at is brown and not as poofy as the white one that I own. Plus the sleeves of the white one are extremely dirty. Not sure how well they'll be able to clean them.

I also baked the cake part of my pumpkin bars to bring for dessert on Sunday.

Afterwards, Jeremy and I headed to An Evening With Kevin Smith at Benaroya Hall. Kevin talked for 3 1/2 hours. He is a lot of fun to listen to.

Today, I rolled out of bed at 10:00 am. I know... pretty late, but we didn't get home until after midnight.

I managed to wash two loads of laundry, bake the Good Eats "The Puffy" cookie recipe and made the frosting for the pumpkin bars. There were several rounds of dishes and the cleaning of the main bathroom before heading out to the club.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wait, there's more to life than curling?

I have tickets to see Steely Dan tonight at the Paramount.

Friday I have tickets to see Alton Brown at Third Place Books.

Saturday I have tickets to see Kevin Smith at Benaroya Hall.

Who says the only thing I do is curl?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Sunday and there's no time to slow down.

I am forcing myself to take a moment to make a blog entry.

Last Wednesday, I played my 2nd Mixed Doubles game. It was a make up game, since my partner Benj is out of town today. We won by 3 points against Bob and Dani T.

Friday night I helped Jeremy finish putting together the bed frame. We shoved the old futon frame into my craft room (gah!). The bedroom is now full of Jeremy's handmade furniture and it looks awesome.

Saturday we made a trip to Paseo to try the tasty Cuban pork sandwiches we've heard so much about. The sandwiches were very tasty. They were also very juicy and messy! The restaurant only has a couple of tables, so we had to eat in our car.

We then headed to the futon store ( for a new futon and wool topper. This didn't get put on the bed until just before midnight, because we had two rentals at the Seattle Granite Curling Club.

My feet still hurt from standing up through two rentals. The first one had about 60 people. One guy asked me if his daughter Stella could throw a couple of rocks. 20 rocks later, a couple of other little girls asked to throw rocks. I taught them and their father. Then 3 more adults came out to throw rocks! It was fun working with them.

I've accomplished a lot since I woke up today. I've been to the grocery store, washed two sets of dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, washed 2 loads of laundry (currently on my 3rd), washed the master bedroom's bathroom, taken out the recycling and trash out of the house, and tidied up the closet. I am going to try and mow the lawn and take a shower before 2 pm. After that, I'm going to stop by the library to return some books, and then go to the curling club to help out with novice league. We have early draw tonight for Mixed.

There is no time to rest on Monday either, as it is Steely Dan concert night!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Working from home.

Working from home this morning. Can't find my car keys. I don't remember taking them out of the drawer last night after I got home.

Had a good weekend. Saturday went to Richmond for some practice ice. I'm still having problems switching to the broom. We met the Chinese Men's Olympic Curling team, talked to the coaches for awhile.

Sunday I dropped the hubby off for his 3rd game of the men's spiel. Cooked some chicken for lunch this week and made Shepherd's pie. Benj and I won our started the Mixed Doubles season auspiciously by winning against Barry and Cindy K.