Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Sunday and there's no time to slow down.

I am forcing myself to take a moment to make a blog entry.

Last Wednesday, I played my 2nd Mixed Doubles game. It was a make up game, since my partner Benj is out of town today. We won by 3 points against Bob and Dani T.

Friday night I helped Jeremy finish putting together the bed frame. We shoved the old futon frame into my craft room (gah!). The bedroom is now full of Jeremy's handmade furniture and it looks awesome.

Saturday we made a trip to Paseo to try the tasty Cuban pork sandwiches we've heard so much about. The sandwiches were very tasty. They were also very juicy and messy! The restaurant only has a couple of tables, so we had to eat in our car.

We then headed to the futon store ( for a new futon and wool topper. This didn't get put on the bed until just before midnight, because we had two rentals at the Seattle Granite Curling Club.

My feet still hurt from standing up through two rentals. The first one had about 60 people. One guy asked me if his daughter Stella could throw a couple of rocks. 20 rocks later, a couple of other little girls asked to throw rocks. I taught them and their father. Then 3 more adults came out to throw rocks! It was fun working with them.

I've accomplished a lot since I woke up today. I've been to the grocery store, washed two sets of dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, washed 2 loads of laundry (currently on my 3rd), washed the master bedroom's bathroom, taken out the recycling and trash out of the house, and tidied up the closet. I am going to try and mow the lawn and take a shower before 2 pm. After that, I'm going to stop by the library to return some books, and then go to the curling club to help out with novice league. We have early draw tonight for Mixed.

There is no time to rest on Monday either, as it is Steely Dan concert night!

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