Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another weekend gone bye bye.

9:45 pm, and another weekend gone by too quickly.

Last week I finished 2 sock doggies, commissioned by the admin at the company that I work for. My first commission!

Actually, I'm too much of a softie. I only asked that she buy the socks. She also gave me $10 per sock dog as well! Technically, if I was to sell them, the price would probably be $40 each. Its amazing how much time goes into making one of those things.

Its weird though. I'm sewing...but I don't feel like I'm crafting. But I am doing some sort of arts and crafts.

Yesterday, my hubby and I drove to Bellingham to hang out with his cousins. Jeff's girlfriend Yuki has a 3 month visiting visa from Japan. She's quiet, but quite the jokester. She put a temporary tattoo on Jeff while he was sleeping. She also hid his beer from him during lunch, behind a wall made of napkins.

We looked around at the Farmer's market afterwords, and then hiked for 3 hours at the beach near Larrabee State Park. We harrassed a couple of lizards, some little crabs, and a handful of snails. While we climbed some rocks, we saw a crab in the water large enough to eat, and another that had grass growing on top.

Today was a mellow day. Laundry day. Threw out some items. Put a few more on Craigslist. Hope I make a little bit of money.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The birds.

Yesterday at work, a couple of crows startled her, when they slammed into her window. We all went and looked at the bird, as it recovered from being stunned.

This morning, about a block away from work, I got tagged by a crow. I was happily minding my own business, listening to Kevin Smith's SMODcast on my iPod, when a crow swooped over my head. I noticed the wind it generated as it swooped by. It landed on a branch a few feet away.

I continued walking, and then got tagged on the side of the head, as the crow swooped over me again. What the heck? I kept walking, and it tagged me a second time. It perched up on another branch ahead of me. Mr. Crow (Mrs. Crow?) cocked its head, looked and cawed at me. I asked it what it looked at me with its beady eyes and didn't answer. I continued on my way to work, and was not bothered again, but I could feel it watching me.

I looked around, and didn't see any babies around, but thats the only reason I could think I was being divebombed. Unless I had somehow managed to insult the crow gods.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame.

The VP of operations gave me a pair of tickets to see the Seattle Mariners play the Texas Rangers yesterday. The Mariners won, 5 - 4. They were fantastic seats, aisle 123, row 22, seats 9 and 10. I invited my hubby's cousin Jeff, but he was already busy, so I took my dad.

It was dad's first time to Safeco field. He seemed to enjoy the game. We had some drunks sitting behind us. There was a very large gentleman from the Lakewood area sitting to the right of me. He was eating a bowl of Ivar's clam chowder, and with every two or three bites, would dribble some down the front of his shirt.

He proceeded to make small talk with me, and of course, almost immediately started with one of my pet peeves.
Large man,"Are you from Japan?"
Me "No."
Large man, "Are you from Korea?"
Me "No."
Large Man, "Are you from China?"
Me "No."
Large man starts to look perplexed. My father's with me, so I don't want to yank his chain too much. I break down and say "I'm from Seattle."
Now he really looks perplexed. "I was born in Seattle."
Blank look. "But my father sitting NEXT to me was born in China."
Face lights up. "I was in Taipei once."
Sigh. A few more minutes of his remembering the olden days, and it was back to baseball.

Damn, but Sammy Sosa looks scrawny now that he's off the 'roids. That was probably one of the biggest comments I heard at the game. He definitely looks smaller than he used to.

Today was a nice mellow day. Didn't get any arts & crafts done. Just some laundry and a little weeding, and a bit of snoozing with my dog. The hubby took me out for dinner , and we browsed for a little at Third Place Books. How good was I? I didn't buy ANY books. Although there was on that I ogled and had a hard time leaving alone. I have too many projects, and not enough time for a new one.