Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another weekend gone bye bye.

9:45 pm, and another weekend gone by too quickly.

Last week I finished 2 sock doggies, commissioned by the admin at the company that I work for. My first commission!

Actually, I'm too much of a softie. I only asked that she buy the socks. She also gave me $10 per sock dog as well! Technically, if I was to sell them, the price would probably be $40 each. Its amazing how much time goes into making one of those things.

Its weird though. I'm sewing...but I don't feel like I'm crafting. But I am doing some sort of arts and crafts.

Yesterday, my hubby and I drove to Bellingham to hang out with his cousins. Jeff's girlfriend Yuki has a 3 month visiting visa from Japan. She's quiet, but quite the jokester. She put a temporary tattoo on Jeff while he was sleeping. She also hid his beer from him during lunch, behind a wall made of napkins.

We looked around at the Farmer's market afterwords, and then hiked for 3 hours at the beach near Larrabee State Park. We harrassed a couple of lizards, some little crabs, and a handful of snails. While we climbed some rocks, we saw a crab in the water large enough to eat, and another that had grass growing on top.

Today was a mellow day. Laundry day. Threw out some items. Put a few more on Craigslist. Hope I make a little bit of money.

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