Sunday, October 18, 2009

A less busy Sunday. What's that all about?

I accomplished several tasks today. I was not quite as organized as I was last Sunday.

Friday night, we saw Alton Brown at Third Place Books. Instead of reading from his book, he performed a Q & A session with the audience. He looked amazing, having dropped 50 lbs since March (per his NPR interview). As usual, he was very witty and funny. He even managed to lose a $1 bet to a kid by betting that the kid's mother drove a Honda Odyssey....

Saturday I drove to the Soaring Heart futon store to pick up two new pillows for Jeremy. On the way back, I stopped by Paseo for some tasty Cuban pulled pork sandwiches. Nom nom nom. I picked up a couple pairs of socks for Jeremy at the Eddie Bauer outlet, but did not really see anything that caught my eye. Well, I was eyeing a replacement down jacket. I have to take my white one to the dry cleaner. The one I was looking at is brown and not as poofy as the white one that I own. Plus the sleeves of the white one are extremely dirty. Not sure how well they'll be able to clean them.

I also baked the cake part of my pumpkin bars to bring for dessert on Sunday.

Afterwards, Jeremy and I headed to An Evening With Kevin Smith at Benaroya Hall. Kevin talked for 3 1/2 hours. He is a lot of fun to listen to.

Today, I rolled out of bed at 10:00 am. I know... pretty late, but we didn't get home until after midnight.

I managed to wash two loads of laundry, bake the Good Eats "The Puffy" cookie recipe and made the frosting for the pumpkin bars. There were several rounds of dishes and the cleaning of the main bathroom before heading out to the club.

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