Friday, May 29, 2009

United States Curling News May 2009

Just got home from work and checked the mailbox to find the May 2009 United States Curling News.

Lots of photos and mentions of teams from the Seattle Granite Curling Club. Well, We did send 3 teams to various Worlds events, a team to the U-18 event, and hell, the Coleman rink took the bronze medal at Club Nationals!!

My rink is mentioned on page 7. It shows how we led the Round Robin, and how we got beat in the semi finals by Norma O'Leary's team. What was cool, was reading through the article, she mentioned that her team played the best game this season against us. Nice to know that we forced them to bring their best.

If you look at the winning photo of Minnesota 1, you can see my teammates Gabrielle, Beth, and Sara in the background. It just goes to show you that someone is coveting the lead position and trying to take me out (Team joke of the season. Every time I turned around - or more often than not, just standing in one spot minding my own business - someone would "accidentally" take me out with a broom.)

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The Bethling said...

My copy never came :-/ Blah.