Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gardening and Gravity.

Busy busy busy day. It's been a lovely day in Bothell. Which of course, means Jeremy cracking the whip and getting me to help with yard work.

He finished replacing the rotting boards out front. Jer had me picking up scraps of wood from where he needed to plane the plank. Then I drove to get fixings for lunch, and then again to Molbacks to pick up 4 bags of compost/manure. Along the way, I stopped by Target to pick up more laundry detergent, a trash can for his train room, and a couple more pant hangers. Nothing too terribly exciting.

Came home, dug holes to put the new plants in, did several loads of laundry, and cleaned two toilet bowls. Alison, my sister-in-law came over to wash her car, and then we went to the little Mexican restaurant down the street. A short 30 minute walk for Gravity, and now I am waiting for an install to finish, so I can do my extra shift of testing for work.

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