Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ne'er a bunny in sight.

Its been a nice, relaxing weekend. Allergies have flared up a little. Kind of nice to relax from the previous week of Artfest. This week, I signed up for 1 class in Portland's Art & Soul in October. I signed up for Keely's Wooly Creatures and am really excited about it. I'm going to go to Value Village or Goodwill and hunt down some wool sweaters to felt.

I keep wanting to work on the skills that I learned while I was at Artfest, but there is so much cleaning up that needs to be done. I've been going through my shelves and trying to pick out books that I don't read anymore to take to Half Price Books to sell. I'm also trying to clean out other art supplies that I don't use anymore.

Things that I want to do. Work on my Graffitit Bouquet art from Traci Bautista's class. Need to get some of those watercolor inks that she has. Checked Ben Franklin's and they didn't have any. Wanted to check Michaels, but was too tired. Wanted to make postcards using techniques learned from Anahata's class, but forgot to get spray bottles to put my ink in. Much less wasteful than spreading them around with paper towels. Additionally, I want to create a couple of sampler cds and some fun little photo books for "The Gang". I wanted to drop by Staples to get cd cases and kept forgetting. I have such a horrible memory.

Bought a couple of tomato plants for the garden. De-pooped the backyard. Jeremy mowed the lawn, and Gravity rolled around in filth and got to have a bath. We're just chilling on the couch now. Now if I could just win the lottery......

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