Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have made some of the most awesome friends from Artfest 2007.

Wow, I made some of the greatest friends at Artfest 2007. There had been a contest for decorating the Sweetriot tins, and while I had entered my little fleece monster cozy, I guess I hadn't left him around long enough to be judged.

There was an email posted looking for the creator, me, in the Artfest Yahoo Group. Ellen pinged me to let me know they were looking for me, and I also saw that Kim volunteered to assist the ArtZine person to get a hold of me as well. How cool are they?

Took the photo and emailed Suzanne. Here is what my creation looked like.

Pretty tired after work today. Getting ready to release a new product, and spent the time testing like crazy. I'm sure I drove the developers crazy with all my bugs on design flaws that I found. Heh.

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