Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sore throat...

I've been fine for almost all of today, but in the last hour, I've noticed a sore throat. I've poured myself a small bit of scotch, my favorite Bowmore's Darkest. Maybe it will help.

Working really hard at work. Creating all sorts of bugs and testing all the fixed bugs. Amazing how tired it makes me.

I bought 5 bottles of watercolours that we used in Tracy Bautista's class. I won't get them for TEN whole days. Thats what I get for procrastinating. I bought teal, blue, tangerine, lime, and violet. Actually, I think I got 6, because I'm pretty sure I ordered pink. I've been thinking about it, and realized that I forgot yellow. But I'm going to see how I do with these to start off with.

I've been thinking about what I can draw and the words that I can use other than flowers and 'girly' words. Of course, its all very positive, and maybe its because I'm PMSing, but all I can think of is fat, cranky, and bloated. LOL

Jer is cooking halibut on the grill, and we'll throw a bit of sundried tomato pesto on top. Yum.

Got to go. The Gravity is saying "Pay attention to me!"

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Kel_eh said...

I really want to see the fat, bloated cranky art! I really could have made some of that this weekend, ha! There could be a whole cult PMS online gallery, I can see it now...