Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunny weather and learning to keep my mouth shut.

Wooooo lunch break. A little sleepy today because of being up so late testing. I should have made myself do something else before going directly to sleep, because when I woke up, I was still dreaming about testing.

Anyways, its beeyooou-tiful outside, so I took a nice 20 minute walk. Perfect temperature. Sun, clouds, and a little wind. Doesn't get much more awesome than this. Well, maybe if they took out those giant gnat clouds. Definitely keep your mouth shut walking through gnat clouds.

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Kel x said...

I always feel for you when you mention testing - my husband works with software and I know the joy of late-night testing and error-logging! Nice that they showed appreciation though (although I realise that counts as seeing the future, as it refers to a later post)