Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy weekend!

Let me catch my breath. Yesterday Jeremy and I went to Molbacks and got some plants for our yard. Veggies, herbs, and a few flowers. Then I got all the fixings to make for the dessert party that we went to later that evening. I made rice pudding and peach blueberry crumble out of the Moosewood Desserts Cookbook.

Had a marvelous time at the dessert party. Our hosts had a wide selection of dessert wines to go with the desserts. Cheesecake, german chocolate cake, cupcakes, fruit, and cheese were just some of the items on the table. I got to chit chat with my friend Maya about making charms for Art and Soul in October.

Today (Sunday) has been pretty busy. I got up, and went to my dad's for lunch. I spent a little time working on his computer. Next, I went to Southcenter and picked up a new pair of tennis shoes and jeans. I had a coupon to save $10 at Macys. I gave up after waiting 10 minutes for help, after looking at this huge line of people, and ONE shoe salesperson. Maybe I'll be able to use it later this month. A quick trip to Chinatown for some barbecue duck and pork, and then on to my final destination at Whole Foods to pick up various food items for the week.

Currently in the middle of doing laundry and selling items on Craigslist. A couple of mint in box Star Wars lego sets, a Neil Gaiman Sandman T-Shirt, and some Sandman comic books. Here's to hoping I can sell them there.

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