Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am the SNORE MONKEY!!!!

Zzzzzzzz. I have been snoozy all day long. Jer and I went to sleep early last night, just after 9 pm. And then a stupid wrong number woke us up shortly after 11 pm. Grrrrr.
It was a private number ringing my cell phone, and the only private number that usually calls is my dad, so I thought something was wrong. When I answered, all I heard was a really loud voice from some girl and music in the background, so I hung up.

I apparently then proceeded to snore all night long, cause Jer nudged me awake several times to say "You're being a snore monkey!!" This is my not so subtle hint to roll over on my side to make me stop snoring.

So tired that I snoozed on the bus on the way to work, and snoozed some more on the way home.

Other amusing news. I checked UPS to see where my order for watercolors was. Well, as of April 21st, my package was destroyed and the merchandise was disposed of. When I read that, I started to laugh. All I could picture was a wet, soppy multi-colored package with wet paints dripping from it. And a very sad delivery person and several perplexed people who had also received multi-colored packages.

I called the discount supply store to see about getting my order replaced, and they were like...Uh...hold on a moment. Please excuse my stuttering, and long pauses, but I've never heard of this happening before. All in all, I was pretty good natured. It wasn't their fault. It was UPS' fault. No surprise there. Tito placed another order for me, and it should go out tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be destroyed as well.

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