Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday Spiel 2008

My women's team, minus our skip Gabrielle participated in the Seattle Granite Curling Club 2008 Holiday Bonspiel. Our substitute skip was Clare Cloutier.

We did fairly well. We won our first game by one point Friday night against a Canadian team from the Peace Arch club, the Renner rink. We continued in the A bracket and won against the Booth rink 8 to 3. That was very impressive, because we stole points in 5 of 7 ends.

Finally, we lost 9 - 4 in 7 ends to Wes Johnson's rink. A very respectable team to lose to. That ended our time in the Holiday spiel. I make the side note : we started in the A bracket, and finished in the A bracket . :D

Jeremy's team should be finishing their game. His team is in the B bracket. He's playing the Canadian team we played in our first game. His team should beat them, which means he gets to get up and head back to the club for a 10:30 am draw.

The Holiday spiel was a lot of fun, but seemed quite a bit more subdued than last year.When we got off the ice around10:30, the upstairs seemed fairly empty. However the participation for the ugly holiday sweater contest seemed to be in full swing. There were lots and lots of ugly sweaters out there. We missed seeing who one, because we were on the ice playing our third game...

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