Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday my women's team drove up to Canada for a team practice at the Richmond Curling Club.

On the way there, we made a stop up at the Langley Curling Club for supplies. I had to exchange a right gripper that came down with my left sliding shoe. What was really funny, is that Nigel came back out with two right grippers.

I said, "Nigel, I need two left grippers."
Nigel, "You're both right handed."
"Yes, but we need left grippers. The sliding shoe is on the left foot."
I got another puzzled look, and then he headed back into the room with the grippers. In the end, I left Langley with 3 performance broom heads for a friend, a new broom head for myself, two grippers, and a Langley curling baseball cap.

We then struggled through some traffic to Richmond. The Olympic ice facility opened across from the Richmond club and were allowing visitors onto the ice. In the end, we made it just a few minutes past 1 pm.

We worked on a timed 10 minute practice, to simulate the practice time we'll get at the regionals playdown. After a 3 or 4 of those, we switched to working on our line of delivery. For the most part, we worked on our out turn. It was a good practice.

Afterwards, Beth came with me as I drove as quickly as I could back to Seattle, to assist in a rental at the Seattle Granite Curling Club. It had started to snow, so the usually 70 MPH drive was brought to a mere 50 MPH for safety. We also ended up taking a detour from Peace Arch to Blaine, as Peace Arch had been closed.

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