Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post-Ictal Dog Seizure

This morning just after 4 am, Gravity, my 6 year old beagle had a post-ictal dog seizure.

Gravity likes to sleep under the covers, and there was a lot of motion. I flung off the covers, to find her on her side, with her legs moving like she was running. She was panting heavily and foaming at the mouth.

I'm not sure if she was hyperventilating or not, but she was breathing heavily. There was lots and lots of drool/foaming. She really managed to scare Jeremy and myself. I was in a panic. Afterwards, she spent a lot of time pacing and sniffing around. I feel like she was scared to go back to sleep, but the documentation says being disoriented for the 1st hour afterwards is normal.

She seems to be okay now, but I'm working from home to keep a close watch on her. The emergency vet said to keep an eye out for a 2nd seizure.

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