Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great practice session today!!

I felt like I had an excellent practice session today. I threw about 16 rocks by myself, when my teammate Beth arrived. I threw another 16 rocks or so after she showed up.

My line looked pretty good. I felt more comfortable in the hack today than I have in awhile.

I ended up subbing on Elizabeth Booth's team tonight. We ended up beating the Richard team 7 to 3. Turns out it was Elizabeth's 1st win of the season on women's league. I asked her how my line of delivery was, and she said I was spot on. My weight however, was a little off. I was a little heavy, and ended up with some rocks in the top of the house, instead of guards.

I'm still more worried about line of delivery than my weight at the moment. I would like to continue to be consistent with how I threw tonight for the next month. I will be practicing in the Richmond club in Canada this Saturday, and I have practice on Sunday along with 2 games.

Yay for curling!!!

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