Sunday, December 21, 2008

Officiating Class

Yesterday, Jeremy, myself, and a few other club members took the officiating class offered at Seattle Granite Curling Club. The price was $15 per person, IF they chose to apply for certification.

It was a great class filled with lots of interesting bits of information. As a member of a team going to its first regional playdown, it was great to know before hand, how much practice time we will have, and when the clocks start and stop for each team. Knowing this before the regionals can keep us from losing a game because we ran out of time.

This class is also excellent for curlers who AREN'T interested in officiating or curling competitively. It showed us how to measure rocks. Starting by setting the device behind the hack so it cools down and doesn't leave marks in the house, to properly holding the device and entering the house.

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