Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday Night Leage, Dec 15, 2008

Finally,we were able to show off the Neil shirts! No more secretive planning and whispers. :D

The "I survived Neil Enns and his tutu (er, I mean petticoat)" made their debut at the Seattle Granite Curling Club three minutes before the late draw.

I'm sure Neil was wondering what was up. I sent him an email earlier that day, pestering him about his petticoat. "You should wear your petticoat! Make sure Andrew gets the full Neil Enns experience." And the response,"Andrew worked for me for 9 months, I'm pretty sure he got the full experience."

Additionally, Neil was running around all over the club last night. Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs. I was thinking he knew what was up. Andrew finally got to the club and I managed to get him away from Neil. Just before we went on the ice, we hid in the stairwell and then came out wearing our ice blue Neil shirts.

I'm pretty sure they were a hit. I had a couple of extra ones made, and sold one on the spot!

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Neil said...

The shirts were awesome, you guys rock :) And just to clarify, Andrew quite thankfully never had to suffer working for me. We just worked together!