Monday, November 24, 2008

Too much curling?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been getting headaches on a regular basis. At first, I thought they were caused by changes in my eyesight. The headaches have especially been flaring up when I've been at the curling club, while I have been playing.

Last week during Monday league, I got there early to throw a few rocks. Three rocks later, I had a headache. I got off the ice, had a few Advil, and had my team mate work on a tight spot on the back of my neck.

Thursday afternoon I went to the club to throw some practice rocks. With my third rock, I practically saw stars. Instant migraine. I went home and slept. It hurt so bad, it eclipsed my elation at receiving my new Balance Plus 3oos with the 1/4 inch slider. It also managed to overshadow my irritation at receiving a right gripper for my left sliding shoe. Grrr.

Friday I made an emergency trip to my LMP (License Massage Practictioner) to get my neck worked on. Turns out, migraine was caused by tension in the neck area. I still feel bruised by the work needed to open that area up. To fix that problem, I am doing lots of stretching for my neck, before, during, and after my games. I also have a heat pack that I purchased (and now spend time fighting with my husband as to who gets to use the heat pack). I will also probably start going to the gym, to do a little cross training, work the opposite muscles and such.

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