Monday, November 10, 2008

Autumnspiel 2008

Autumnspiel 2008! What an event we had this past weekend.

It was the 2nd time my women's competitive team played together. We're starting to learn how to work with one another as a team. There are still years of work and learning in front of us.

We won our 1st game as a team at the Friday 8 pm draw against the McBrooms. I was almost taken out when a broom came flying in front of me from sheet 2. I was in the middle of sweeping when I got a blur out of the corner of my eye. I jumped over it and continued to sweep. It was amazing that I didn't fall down or burn the rock.

Winning our first game, put our next draw at 12:30 pm Saturday, against the Richards. It was a valiant effort, but eventually the Richard were victorious against us. We played well against them, and the Richards went on to take first place in the A bracket.

We had the unfortunate luck to pull the draw right after dinner, playing the Melton rink. Its never fun to play on a full stomach. We all tried to eat light in preparation. It was an entertaining and distracting game. Jeannie subbed for one of their players who had been drinking too much. He sat at the window watching us. In the beginning, he would rate us on our shots, plastering paper that said +10 or -10 against the glass. I also saw a line of people doing the wave.

Near the end of the game, there was a large crowd watching us on our sheet. Not a death match, so why so many people? When a few people came to change the keg, we discovered the answer. They were betting on who was going to win. Saturday evening, 6 pm draw, the Coleman rink (yay team!) won their second game. We apparently also disappointed someone who needed us to throw our last rock (hammer).

Sunday morning, our fourth game was at 8 am. We played and lost against my husband's team. I won't candy coat it. I was very disappointed in our loss. It wasn't close. We didn't play as well as I had hoped. Jeremy's team had a very good shooting percentage and a much better strategy.

Jeremy's team went on to play 2 more games on Sunday before losing to the Radmer rink in the final C bracket game. That game was fun too watch, and it was a very close match.

By the time our Mixed league game came at 6 pm, I was very glad that t was Jeremy and not myself that had played 3 games previous.

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