Thursday, November 13, 2008

Practice, practice, practice

I turned down 3 requests to sub last night, and one offer to join today's Thursday afternoon game.

I'm playing lots of games and not practicing enough. It allows my bad habits to continue or get worse, and not get any better. Because of this, I decided to spend today practicing.

I started off by asking my Sunday night skip, Mike Calcagno for things he'd like to see me work on. He came back with a lengthy email, which boils down to working on my in turn, which is much weaker than my out turn. He also mentioned to work on my come arounds (drawing around a guard).

My husband also chimed in that I've changed my delivery (not for the better), and that I needed to get back to basics.

I made sure to get back to the basics. Put my rock in front of the house and clean the rock. Put my foot in the hack, line it up with the broom. Bend down, knee in front (lined up with the rock) over the rock. Slider foot heel lined up with the toe of the foot in the hack. Small forward press(rock forward, foot forward), rock back, foot back, rock forward, foot forward.

I threw 40 rocks, 36 of them working with my in turn. I then spent about 10 minutes working with my balance. Sliding out of the hack without a broom or rock, and then 5 of Leslie's angels.

Ended my practice on a positive note. I felt like my in turn is better and my delivery on my in turn much more stable.

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