Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am such a Bella (read Twilight by Stephenie Meyers) sometimes.

I just cut a sandwich from Jimmy Johns in half with a butter knife. I managed to cut part of my hand.

Ouch. Really ouch. Its in a crease between my thumb and forefinger. So when I type and stretch out, or make a ball with my fist it pulls it and pushes the skin together.


Last night, went to the last concert/reading in Breaking Dawn series that the Benaroya Hall. Had a great time. Really enjoyed the acoustic by Justin F of Blue October. I didn't enjoy so much the girl horking in the corner to the left, about 50 feet from me.


Kel said...

Love that book. I once sliced my finger fairly big time 15 minutes before my driving test. And got blood on the bagel I was planning to eat too. That talk by Stephanie Meyers sounds great - I'm so glad she speaks like she writes!

JonasSister said...