Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catch of the Day.

Also known as "What the dog dragged in." Note to self. Don't ask for the blue plate special.

Jeremy is busy cooking.

My friend Jason is over for dinner. I turn around and let Gravity in (I totally do not remember this).

Jason and I hear Gravity whining. I see her with something in her mouth.

"Hey Gravity, who's got their squirr-... Holy shit! She's got a squirrel!"

The squirrel looks exactly like the stuffed animal she used to have, except that it was hanging limp in her jaws.

I open the deck door to let her out with the squirrel, Jeremy jams his feet into some shoes to chase her down. Gravity digs a hole underneath a bush and buries the squirrel under it.

Jeremy gets a shovel to dig the scrappy out. Unfortunately, there are no photos with Gravity holding the squirrel....

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Kel said...

She looks so proud of herself too!