Sunday, August 17, 2008

A busy week and a busy weekend.

This past week was a pretty hectic week at work. We have all been working hard to get a new feature out for a customer. I feel burned out. If I feel burned out, I imagine the devs that I work with are exhausted.

My highlights of the week include : Lunch with Chrystal and Martha. Coworkers from when I contracted about 2 years ago. That was great fun. We need to do it more often. I miss talking to them. By the way, Martha looks incredible. She's on the 20/20 program, and I can't believe how much weight she has lost.

I also got to the the Breaking Dawn concert at the Benaroya Hall. I really enjoyed Justin's acoustic set (from Blue October). Stephenie Meyer was an interesting woman. After listening to her answers in her Q&A, she sounds like how she writes. I had awesome seats, thanks to my friend Jason for picking them up. I was 3 rows from the very front of the stage. Any closer, and I would have had to crane my neck. The event will forever be coloured by the girl who couldn't make it to the bathroom or a garbage can, and threw up for 5 minutes in the left front corner by the door.

Saturday was a rockin' time at Mary Alice and Joe's Stinky Cheese House Warming party. I got to talk with curlers, some of Joe's coworkers, and eat stinky cheese and Spanich prosciutto.

Today, I mowed the lawn, did 3 loads of laundry, tidied the main bathroom and washed a crapload of dishes. I also spent a couple of hours picking blueberries in our backyard. We had our friends Lisa and Mark over for spicy tacos and beer. I made a very tasty blueberry cobbler for dessert.

Its countdown time. A week until we leave for curling camp.

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