Saturday, August 23, 2008

Almost ready to leave for Curling Camp!

The hubby is a snoozing.

I think I've finished packing. At least all the important stuff is ready to go. My shoes. My broom. My curling pants and pin.

So tired. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night, due to some carousing with our curling friends.

Jeremy and I met Olivia, Cameron, and Chris at St. Andrews. It was supposed to be my night to drink. I ended up only having a scotch. Jeremy had two scotches.

We then moseyed on over to Uber. Uber is the Seattle version of the Gollum pub in Amsterdam. Jeremy started off with a beer. And then he snuck in a second beer. Unfortunately somebody bought him a cigar and another person bought him a beer.

We left Uber just after 1:40 AM. I drove up 99, and made it just past 145th when we had to pull over. Jeremy ended up being super sick. I pulled over 3 times. There was lots of "why? why??" moaning.

I managed to make it as far as the QFC parking lot. Poor Jeremy got sick again. The world was spinning, and we didn't get any further. He pulled his rainjacket over his head and went to sleep. I had a light tshirt on, and was very cold. I managed to sleep for about 10 minutes.

I checked the trunk, and found out there was a fleece blanket. I used ths until Jeremy complained about being cold. I gave it to him, then went wandering around QFC. I found a cheap and crappy Seahawks Sweatshirt for the outrageous price of $28.00.

A half an hour later, I was still cold, bored, and unable to sleep. Its just before 5 am, and I can't handle it anymore. Jeremy is asleep, so I drive home. And all the way home, I murmured under my breath "Please oh please don't wake up. Please....don't wake up". Thankfully, we made it home without any additional issues.

Three hours later, at 8:10 am, my alarm went off. Time to get up and help with the Seattle Granite Work Party. Groan. It was nice to see the other curlers.

I did manage to sneak in a 2 hour nap today, and get 2 loads of laundry done. Hopefully it is enough.

Time to sleep.

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