Saturday, August 30, 2008

Curling Camp, Day One

Day one, we arrived at the Parksville club. The club is next to the beach. Maybe it was because the ice had just been available for a short period of time, but I couldn't believe that there wasn't any sand on the carpet or the ice. Out of the 34 campers that showed up, a grand total of 7 campers were from the Seattle Granite Curling Club.

We were introduced to Elaine Jackson and staff. It included her two children, Lee M, Jock, Sharon D, and Will.

They split us up into 5 groups for instruction. We spent day one working on our delivery. Square shoulders, front press, and hip elevation. During this time, I adjusted the following: broom from above the shoulder to under the shoulder, where I placed my toe in the hack, and where I placed the rock. The rock center should always be lined up with your armpit!

This was tough. I really wanted to get this new stance down. I fell over about 50% of the time. Another frustration was three older ladies who were not taking the instruction as seriously as the rest of the people on sheet two. We would all be lined up ready to slide, and they were off to the side chattering away like magpies. When it was their turn to deliver, they weren't anywhere near the hack or prepared to slide out.

Will was our instructor for day one, and he was kind of quiet. I felt that I had to be aggressive with my questions to get the criticism and tips that I wanted.

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