Saturday, August 30, 2008

Curling Camp, Day Two

All I can say about day two is "Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch."

Even after slathering myself with icy hot and tiger balm, I was very stiff. I wanted to cry when I thought about warming up and sliding out. However, after the warm ups, everything was okay.

There was a big upset on day two. Apparently Elaine had a death in the family. Her family left, and a friend and former Olympian Melissa came out for the assist. Melissa was an awesome instructor. She gave me some great feedback on my delivery.

I spent the first part of the day being frustrated with my slide. I still had not been able to get the hang of my delivery with the broom under my arm. Melissa had me switch over to using an Edge. This was quite the turning point for me.

Lee Merklinger gave a great off ice session about mental imagery. I've been using what I've learned from that session all week long. What sticks with me the most is the tape that Brad Gushue's team made to listen to in the car. The tape has sounds of the rock sliding over the ice, the broom sweeping a rock, and Brad calling out to his team. Something that my team should work on making, I think.

Mini game on day two was just as frustrating as day one. Our team still had not gelled together. I played with Joel R and Sara S from Granite, and then Lu, one of the Canadians. Lu had a much different style than the rest of us are used to, and it created some tension.

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