Saturday, May 19, 2007

What Gravity brought in.

So Friday evening, Jeremy and I went to Mark and Lisa's get together, where we drank Georgetown's "Bob's Brown". Its a fantastic beer, that is only created once a year. All the proceeds are donated to the charity that helped Bob out, before he passed away. Bob was a friend of Manny, the owner of Georgetown Brewery, a local Seattle microbrewery.

We got home just after one am. Let the dog out to go potty. Half an hour later, and not answering the calls of "Chicken strips!!" I started to worry. Gravity finally came up the porch stairs, but with an additional something in her mouth. I thought it was a very large rat.

Luckily she answered to the command "Drop!", dropped it, and went inside the house. I quickly went inside the house, and left the porchlight on. Not a large rat, but a small opossum. Was it dead? No, it was breathing. Gravity whined, and pawed at the glass sliding door. "Mine! Let me get it!" I'm fairly sure she was saying.

I continued to watch for the next half hour. Apparently it had been playing "possum". It slowly got up. Hissed when Gravity threw herself at the glass door again. It slowly meandered around the porch, trying to figure out how to get away. At 2 am, I turned off the light, dragged our beagle to the bedroom, and shut the door.

Where Jeremy and I was then subjected to 6 hours of whining and door scratching. She begged and begged to be let out to collect her prize. "I caught it, its mine. Let me catch it before it gets away!!"

Here area couple of hazy photos through the glass door, as I was not about to get up close and personal with our neighborhood wildlife.

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Lani Gerity said...

Oh, man, you gotta make a little sock opossum!!! He looks so cute! (Or she)