Sunday, May 20, 2007

My first attempt at making a sock dog.

This is my very first completed sock dog. Instructions came out of Martha Stewarts Kids magazine, Special Winter 2003 issue. You can still find copies of them on Ebay.

I'm pretty happy with him, even though he didn't come out quite as I expected. It might be the material of the socks, because I wanted a soft and fuzzy sock dog. Additionally, I don't know how to hand sew very well. The magazine quotes that it takes an afternoon to create. I spent an hour on it on Friday. Maybe 2 hours yesterday, and another 4 hours tonight. I hope to get much better at it.

Positive note, I completed my first sock dog!! Sad note, they postponed The Killers concert. Apparently the lead singer has bronchitis. My sister in law is going to the Sasquatch festival next Sunday, so is unable to go. Do I get a refund, or do I go anyways? Decisions, decisions.

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JJ said...

What a cute little dog!!!