Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Howling beagle alert.

Gravity's outside patrolling the yard right now. A little howling, an the enticement of a Costco doggie chicken strip to come inside. Doggie crack. Since we introduced those treats, she doesn't think about much else.

"Gravity, want to go potty?" Dog looks at me, then looks longingly at the closet door that the chicken strips are behind. "No, mom, but how about a chicken strip? I'll just pee and poop on the carpet, and you can clean it up later." Sigh. Beagles definitely have expressive eyes.

Nothing too terribly interesting happened today. Went to work, boss came in, then left 4 hours later feeling ill again.

Made some small talk with the other tech support/QA guy about not being full blown out OCD, but having some pesky quirks that just can't get gotten rid of. He can't close the car door unless he has his car keys in his hands. Locks the car door, but can't shut it if he doesn't have the keys in his hand and physically looking at them. Doesn't matter if he knows they're in his pocket, or can feel them in his pocket.

Think about it. Is there anything in your life that you're maniacally crazy about?
I used to be crazy about keeping my heavily read books in mint condition as a kid. Maybe having to finish a book when its been started. I'll have to think about it some more.

If thats too hard of a thought to contemplate, did you ever see the movie Amelie? Brilliant movie. In French, so if you don't like reading subtitles, probably not for you. But in the beginning, it goes through the likes and dislikes of various characters. Dislikes almost more of a pet peeve even. Think about your own, and leave a comment.

I started off with Likes, but realized that wasn't a good category, because it was too easy to give a broad answer. Likes for tomorrow, dislikes for today.

I dislike: wet hair dripping down my neck, trying to put sheets on the bed after I've just cut my fingernails, cheap toilet paper (a shout out to my artfest buddy Kim!!), and getting my hands dirty.

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Martha said...

I thought you disliked the whole clipping fingernails thing all together... ;)

(aka DAVE)