Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just a really busy Saturday.

Just after 2 pm, and I've put another load of laundry in. Since I last checked in, I dropped the winter comforter off at the laundromat, went to Storables in Bellevue and bought a big clear container for the fabric that belonged to my Grandmother, 2 containers to put flour and sugar in, a medium sized laundry basket to separate whites, and then a small container to hold current create a monster of some sort project in. I then headed over to Joann's in Crossroads, to buy some stuff with my $50 gift card that I got from work.

I ended up getting 3 magazines. Altered Couture, Cloth Paper Scissors, and Adorn. Adorn looks kind of cheesy, but here was one or two interesting projects in it. I was hoping to use my 40% coupon on my Altered Couture magazine, but it looks like they discount all their magazines by 10% off now, so you can't do that anymore. *sigh* I didn't get any fabric, although I looked at some more fleece. Until I have a good project in mind, I didn't want to buy any more fabric.

Anyways, the fabric is now boxed up, but still in the living room floor. I got more than I had realized. Now I have to figure out where to put the baking pans and dishes that I took. I need a nap.

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Kel x said...

crazy busy girl! I had a big organising session yesterday in the junkroom/boxroom/artroom - long may it last!