Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cynky de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo, and the day after.

Friday, May 4th, was Cynky de Mayo, as my husband likes to put it.

It started off at 6:07 am with a Happy Birthday chorus from my friends Maya and Tim, who were still in bed. I on the other hand, had already been at work for 15 minutes.

Just before 11 am, a call came across the caller id display, Vernon LMP, Jason. My best friend Jason tried to surprise me by stopping by the office and taking me out to lunch. Unfortunately Google Maps had my company's LAST location, from a little over a year ago. He was trying to figure out what floor we were on. Doh.

So he stopped by, and I ended up with a really awesome book "Flawed Dogs" by Berke Breathed, and a box of Oh! Chocolates. I also got a really neat piece of silk tied around the box, that I'll have to use for a project.

After work, I met Jeremy and Ali at Alison's apartment. We walked from her apartment to the Taphouse, split a Mediterranean hummus appetizer and drank beer. I had a sampler of porters. Snoqualmie Falls Porter, Mac & Jacks Porter, Rogue Mocha Porter, and Stone Smoked Porter. My favorite was the Rogue Mocha Porter. Mac & Jacks is normally my favorite porter, but for some reason, wasn't holding its head.

We then walked over to The Melting Pot. Yummmm. The cheese fondue was excellent!!

The next day, Cinco De Mayo, we drove down to Portland, OR. Once a year, we make the trip and meet my father and sister down in Camas, Wa to see my Aunt Gilda. On this day, we celebrate everyone's birthdays. Mostly mine, and my father's.

This year, Jer was thankful that we ate at McMennamins. He does not like to eat at the Beaches restaurant that we have eaten at in the past. After lunch, we make our annual trip out to the Skyline Cemetery in OR, to visit my Grandfather,Grandmother, and Uncle Ray.

After the trip to the cemetery, we spent an hour at Powells bookstore - the best bookstore in the world. I escaped with only two books in hand, and purchased the three that Jeremy chose. I'm pretty excited. I bought two books on sewing. One more generaly one, and one for sewing skirts.

We finished with cake at my aunt's house, and then a couple of hours running through my Grandma Marie's old house, snagging items that my Aunt doesn't want to keep. I took a couple of sweaters, some of my Grandma's fabric that she had used,some linen napkins that she had made, and a few of her baking dishes. I guess Uncle Ken is thinking about buying a cabin up in Anacortes, WA to be closer to his kids and grandkids.

Today was a pretty busy, if mellow day. Slept in, washed laundry, exchanged a couple of shirts, bought groceries, and picked Gravity up from doggie daycare. I spent about an hour in the backyard weeding, and came across 4 of the new plants. They seem to be infested with bugs. Its still creeping me out. I had to shower as soon I came inside. Brrrrr.

Well, goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the garden creepy crawlies get to you. I have to work the early 6 am shift again tomorrow.

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